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Sustainability in Being & Doing


“It only takes a few good people with a similar vision to change the model that people believe in.” And I don’t even think it takes so many, but they have to agree.

Margaret Mead


Humanity and creativity belong together. Sensitivity is not a burden and a therapy challenge, but the equivalent of free will.

Eco-social world design is very important to us. That’s why we offer the following:


We are committed to serious business campaigns that are committed to sustainability.

We are not “greenwashers” and we do not want to become one.

We are authentic, transparent

and credible

Sustainability means awareness of life
and lifestyle


What does sustainability actually mean?

The term “sustainability” was determined in 1713 by the Oberberghauptmann Hans Carl von Carlowitz. Although his thinkings refer to forestry, he was chosen as the father of sustainable thinking. For a long time nothing was heard about sustainability. It took more than two and a half centuries to regain collective consciousness.

Sustainability means the “principle according to which no more can be consumed, than each regrow, regenerate, in the future can be provided again”.

The 3-pillar principle will be illustrated.

The 3-pillar principle

of sustainability

The three-pillar principle of sustainable development assumes that sustainable development can only be achieved through the simultaneous and equal implementation of environmental, social and economic goals. Only in this way can the ecological, economic and social potential of a society be secured and improved. The three factors require each other.

Essentially these three dimensions of sustainability mean:

  • Environmental sustainability:
    It is most strongly based on the original idea of ​​not exploiting nature. Ecologically sustainable is a way of life that claims the natural foundations of life only insofar as they regenerate.

  • Economic sustainability:
    A society should not live beyond its means economically, since this would inevitably lead to losses of the coming generations. In general, an economic mode is considered sustainable if it can be operated permanently.

  • Social sustainability:
    A state or society should be organized in such a way that social tensions are contained and conflicts can not escalate, but can be carried out in a peaceful and civilian way.

What significance does sustainability have for your company?


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