Here you get an overview of our projects

Our projects are always sustainable, resource-saving and informative.

With the big theme “Forest of Knowledge” we would like to explore together with you, which secrets the forest carries in itself.

First of all, we want to carry out the Owl hike as a recurring event and of course wherever there is forest.

He is the movie star among the birds and was voted Bird of the Year in 2017.

Come with us on a search for the forest owls in MV and listen to the famous Ku-Witt-cries of the owl.

Over hill and dale, roads and path you can join our MV-Rally.  

By car or Oldtimer. The aim is to get to know the natural land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern better.

You like nature and sport?

Just connect it!

Then you feel encouraged to get to know our most important resource, nature.

You have a sustainable snapshot. 

Take part in our Photo Safari and win a great price.

“The Sustainable View”

Please let us know via the contact form which projects you care about.

Even if you have further ideas and suggestions, you can tell us there.

We’re happy about every Feedback.


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