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What you need to know about us

The InCulture Initiative is a collective of experienced consultants, journalists, creatives and project managers. In accordance with the projects and projects, network partners are involved, who contribute their expertise on sustainability in the form of exhibitions, moving images or even crisis communication.

Individual members and the founders of -InCulture- can also be contacted for strategic advice, a journalistic format, a workshop or a concrete subject-related exchange.

We firmly believe that courageous and conscious creative specialists, combined with virtues and heart quality, work together to develop outstanding results.


Solvig von Guenther

Solvig von Guenther is the primary founder of our initiative. Sustainability creatives and coach for performance competence, Zurich, Berlin

Our team members

Pastor, Guardian of German Cultural, Song and Language, Hamburg

Journalist, Managing Director of an agricultural consulting company and thought leader, Berlin

Health consultant, lecturer, the herbal fairy from Sommerfeld

Energy Coach, Mentor and Contacter for InCulture

Become part of our team now and participate in the planning and implementation of our projects!

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