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Our tips for more sustainability

- Less is more -

Here you get our top 10 tips for sustainable action

With our top 10 sustainability tips for 2020, we are giving you a boost for the new year. Sure, you know some tips from 2019, but we should be even more aware of this in the new year and actively stand up for our environment.

With the valuable tips we take our own life and the responsibility for plants, animals and us humans into our hands. In doing so, we are already changing our world and making it more livable. 

1. Drinking tap water!

Tap water is the most strictly controlled water in Germany, in addition you can use a water filter, because tap water is sometimes contaminated with residues from hormones, pesticides or uranium. However, the limit values for tap water are higher.
Water in glass bottles is the best.

2. Avoid plastic!

Whether plastic bottles, microplastics in cosmetics, clothing, wallpaper, imitation leather and much more, plastic is contained almost everywhere, the smaller the more dangerous. Our body cannot process it when it ends up in our food. Switch to glass and pay attention to items with a strict sustainability seal.

Chemicals in plastic


3. Regional shopping!

In this way, you not only support local farmers and entrepreneurs, but also reduce the transport routes, which often negatively affect the quality. Regional suppliers pay close attention to the quality of your goods, otherwise they could quickly fall into disrepute. 


4. Eat less animal!

Avoid eating too much animal products, because animal fats, so-called Trans fats are usually not able to process our bodies. Eating valuable organic meat once a week is enough. Above all: eat consciously, according to the motto: You are what you eat!

5.Dear cooking yourself!

This requires a little more effort, but it´s worth it. You cook more consciously, buy regionally and seasonally and independently influence your desired taste. The best thing about it. They can put your own love into the food because it’s your own product. 

6.Produce less garbage!

Any kind of waste pollutes our environment. Avoid rather than consume. Reasonable waste separation helps to optimize the disposal process. even when shopping with a cloth bag or vegetable bags, they minimize the garbage in your bin. 

7. Upcycling!

What is that, you wonder?

The principle of the good old patchwork.
Revalue your supposed garbage.

Be creative and make something new before throwing it away. Maybe a cup without a handle becomes a vase or a skateboard becomes a Hawaiian guitar. Jewellery and decorative items can also be made from it. An entertaining pleasure for friends and family.

8. Use natural care products!

Cosmetics almost always contain paraffins and silicones. These stow the moisture during body care. Better, however, is vegetable glycerine. Synthetic preservatives and fragrances also harm our skin. Use essential oils and natural herbal extracts. Pay attention to sustainability seals such as Demeter or BDIH. 

9. Fair Fashion!

Buy or wear only sustainably produced clothing. The textile industry is damaging groundwater by colouring. In addition, producers in low-wage countries are fed a starvation wage. The synthetic fibres cannot be broken down during washing. Many reasons that speak against the conventional purchase of clothing. Simply rent or exchange clothes, there are now enough clothes exchanges or resort to 2nd-hand items.

10. Move more!

Avoid using the car for small distances, enjoy a joyful walk or bike ride. For longer distances, resort to car pooling or ride-sharing. 


Sustainable living and consuming requires your courage, action, awareness and poses a challenge to everyone.

Make your life conscious and take our tips on the guide to a more beautiful life!

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