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The Globalization Saga

The Musical for Sustainability

The musical “The Globalization Saga: Balance or Destruction” is about the future of the world in times of globalization.

Is the goal of sustainable development achievable, or will the world perish either in an ecological disaster or in the struggle between cultures and the hatred resulting from social imbalance? The musical describes this theme as a struggle for the world order in the context of the WTO, the World Trade Organization.

The opposite poles in this struggle are, on the one hand, the European/Asian countervailing thinking and, on the other hand, a market fundamentalism based on deregulation and free trade ideas, as it is currently spreading throughout the world, massively promoted by the USA.

Using the example of characters working for a better world, as well as their opponents, the sequence of scenes around the globe traces the world’s problems.

It is linked to strong emotions such as love, hatred, friendship.

The battle for a better world unfolds in 3 acts and 9 scenes.


Text: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. F. J. Radermacher

Music: S. von Guenther

The DVD can only be used for non-commercial purposes, for educational purposes only, for NGOs, within the framework of activities of world civil society, etc.

Sale, public performance, broadcast & reproduction or other commercial use are not permitted. 

Do you want to use this DVD or music in a project or otherwise? 

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