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Natureathlon 2023

Do you love nature and sport?

Then just combine both!

With a natureathlon we want to encourage sports and nature enthusiasts to get to know the most important habitat on this earth, our nature, better.

With environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transport, it goes through, fields, forests and meadows or even through the water.

In between there is an oecology station, where rest can be made and the participant and athlete are asked to solve a task worth knowing from ecology and nature conservation.

A basic physical fitness is required, but basically everyone makes his own pace. 

Groups who want to run together are also welcome.

Finally, there will be a prize-giving ceremony. It does not matter who was the fastest, because the results from the ecology station are also taken into account.

At the end there is a cosy get-together with campfires and food and drink. 

Participation fee: 20 €

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the Natureathlon!

At least 10 registrations are required for the event to take place.

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Conditions of participation

1. Participation is possible for everyone.

2. Children up to 16 years only accompanied by parents or persons entitled to supervise.

3. To participate in the Natureathlon a registration is required.

4. The number of participants is limited for organizational reasons. At least 10 registrations are required for the event to take place. Without registration, participation in the natureathlon is not possible. Timely registration is recommended for a start authorization.

5. By registering, the participant and, if applicable, participants accept the conditions of participation and legal regulations.

6. Families, couples or small groups receive only one (!) registration.

7. The participation fee is 60 €. Participants will be given an additional voluntary donation towards the initiative InCulture at the end of the natureathlon.

8. The participants are obliged to maintain order and security independently.
In particular, the rules for staying in the forest must be strictly observed.

9. Dogs are only leashed at the event and are not allowed to participate in the event if there is no interference or danger. The liability lies with the dog owner.

10. The Natureathlon is an outdoor event. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event in the event of officially confirmed notification and warning of weather disasters and their effects at short notice.

11. The personal suitability of the hike lies in the assessment of the participant himself!

12. The participant is responsible for his equipment and meals!

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