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Solvig's salon of the senses

Exciting cultural bargains, in lyrics, songs

and piano romances

Do you want to be lured by new impressions from your everyday life and find yourself in the experiences, adventures of life and stories of the inspired self?

Magical ways, creative impulses offer stimulation for further pondering and feeling – all this can be offered by the cultural bargains in the “Salon of the Senses”.

Let yourself be lured by new impressions from your everyday life and find yourself in the reports and stories. Together we flatter the senses and this open our eyes to the creation-appropriate determination of life.


In musical and

literary treasure chests …

unimagined peculiarities are hidden, which can provide warmth and provide strength and comfort.

Well-known musical works will accompany you on your relaxed and joyful journey.

Small books or collections of sayings can provide inspiration. Use the power of the word in the stories and the musical soul massage to motivate yourself for the rest of your life. Young people in particular can explore the great adventure of faith in a just order and inner creativeness according to age through appropriate words and media offers. Here, the youngest instead of smartphones and AI experience real life in exciting actions and discover the wonders of nature, the behaviour of the animals or the intelligence of the trees and the peaceful relaxation in the forest.


We let poetry and virtue work

through the spoken word

InCulture offers not only salons and readings, but also a particularly lovingly designed music CD such as “Dem Himmel nah” or Single CD’s. As a bargain, these are a welcome change from the written word and allow you to enjoy themselves on the go, for example during a car ride, or to relax in the evening on the armchair.

Invited guests can bring ideas and suggestions for everyday life with concrete life advice.

We want to motivate you to listen to the voice of your heart. We look forward to hearing from you. Stories and chronicles from the homeland are also welcome.


Enjoy literature with humor

Our cultural bargains are an invitation to you to be entertained with a willingness to get to know new perspectives that sometimes seem pleasantly unconventional. 


Would you like to be invited by us?

Then please enter your email address here.

We are pleased to revitalise this form of traditional salon culture from Berlin and Paris and to continue it in a fresh contemporary guise!

Solvig´s salon of the senses
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