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MV-Rally 2023

Our MV rally, which InCulture would like to carry out, goes over hill and dale, roads and paths.

Teams of at least 2 people can be formed, who can contest this event by Oldtimer or car. 
The aim is to get to know the natural landscape Mecklenburg-Vorpommern better.
An adventure tour for young and old. Everyone can join in. 
It is not about speed, but about joy and fun in the common life of nature, of which our country has so much. 
Join us and combine joy with creativity and knowledge. After a successful tour, there will be the award ceremony followed by a dinner together.

Participation fee: 20 €

Subsribe now for the MV-Rally

At least 5 registrations are required for the event to take place.


1. Participation is possible for everyone.

2. Children up to 16 years only accompanied by parents or persons entitled to supervise.

3. Registration for the MV-Rally is required.

4. The number of participants is limited for organizational reasons. At least 5 registrations are required for the event to take place. Without registration, participation in the competition is not possible. Timely registration is recommended for a start authorization.

5. By registering, the participant and, if applicable, participants accept the conditions of participation and legal regulations.

6. Families, couples or small groups receive only one (!) registration.

7. The participation fee is 80 €. Participants will be given an additional voluntary donation to the initiative InCulture at the end of the rally.

8. The participants are obliged to maintain order and security independently.
In particular, the rules for staying in the forest must be strictly observed. The designated ways of the rally are to be used. Side routes are not allowed for the participants.

9. The participants are not entitled to blocked road crossings. Road crossings must be carried out with the usual due diligence (vehicles have priority!).

10. Dogs are only leashed at the event and if they are not allowed to participate in the event of disruption or danger. The liability lies with the dog owner.

11. The MV-Rally is an outdoor event. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event in the event of officially confirmed notification and warning of weather disasters and their effects at short notice.

12. The walking distance to be completed at the time of participation is easy to assess and requires suitable fitness and surefootedness. The personal suitability lies in the assessment of the participant himself!

13. The participant is responsible for his equipment and meals!

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