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Landscape promotion

Landscape promotion


Do you want to stay healthy?

Do you want to eat a healthy diet?

Would you like to preserve our flora and fauna?


Then protect

with us 

our valuable biodiversity.








The coexistence of humans, animals and nature can only work if we all see ourselves as living organisms and living beings. 

Who thinks that an animal and a plant feels nothing or
life (he) lives, he is deceived. 

No living being lives on its own. Everything is connected to everything.

What we stand for: 

We rely on organic farming to preserve biodiversity

Preservation of biodiversity, i.e. the diversity of habitats Species and genes

Elimination of pesticides/nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture

Preservation and creation of new nature reserves

Preservation of landscape elements such as lakes, rivers, forests, meadows, plant structures, valleys, bogs and swamps, especially in urban areas

We promote a positive feeling of experience for each individual, because this strengthens the feeling of life, the perceptions as well as the aesthetic feeling

Promoting exercise in nature, which contributes to health and joy

You want diversity in your life? 

Then give away our nature and landscape
this diversity,

it will come back to you 1000 times

What we do for this: 

We develop strategies and concepts for farms in the sustainable use of all resources.

We have experts who deal with sustainability on a daily basis and offer advice.

Our projects are aimed at enlightenment, information in dealing with our nature, they help to better understand our nature.

Now you are in demand


Are you ready to change your attitude to

change your environment?

then rethink your attitude to nature and the environment

consciously absorb the fresh forest air

become aware that you would not exist without our forests and our nature, it is a coexistence

remove old patterns of behaviour, e.g.

    • Driving too fast on the country road
    • Arrogance in dealing with nature
    • Buy consciously, e.g. B. Organic food
    • Regional shopping
    • Use public transport or the bicycle instead of the car or walk
    • Sign important petitions (e.g. openpetition)
    • Keep the forests clean by proper waste disposal
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