THE THOUGHT LEADER: The pandemic of our democracy

It’s all so wonderfully quiet in my rural neighborhood. I went for a walk. The sky was blue, only two airplanes in an hour to see. They were probably transport machines: one with protective masks, the other with toilet paper. 

News of the day in the ARD – tele text: The pandemic has its advantages. During the period of domestic quarantine, air quality in Paris improved between 20 and 30 percent. Greetings to Greta. 

The following message in the tele text: Vitamin C has no effect. This is what a spokeswoman for the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices claims. These are the chief sellers of the German pill-turners. However, no tried-and-tested means has yet been found for the pandemic of our current dictatorial democracy, in which everyone can rabbit on with them infectiously, regardless of what is used to infect others. Except, of course, censors, bans and catalogues of fines. In Wuhan, it is said, the effect of high-dose vitamin C on its anti-inflammatory effect is being tested – with success. The speaker should buy spontaneously high-dose vitamin C in my quiet pharmacy in Berlin- French Buchholz and then realize that it has to be ordered first. Why is this?

In this case, I agree with the opinion of the cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr– quite ungenderly: “Just keep your hair down.”


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