Sam Hain

Dear friends

Today is Samhain.
Others say Halloween. 

We have this "game" every year. 

Children run as defective blood-soaked zombies, adults play vampires. 

We know that all this is not conducive to the emotional power !

What does this time really mean?
Autumn bids farewell to the last warm rays and flowers and leaves in winter. They have done their job.T
he wind whistles into the foliage and it is ripe at the branches and fog on the meadows. 

We are tired faster and are retreating. 

Being less on the road in November is no longer difficult given the wet cold. Wearing a mask because you are too lazy or anxious or forgetful to have your doctor finally and explicitly give you a certificate that you cannot wear a mask for medical reasons is not a feature of autumn and not an adaptation to arbitrariness, but simply voluntary self-poisoning!Too many people haven't paid attention to your body for too long and corresponding pre-existing conditions that should be considered if you intend to get healthier and stay healthy in this crazy time. Fresh air, sun, nature, healthy living agents and love are fundamental foundations for a healthy, happy life and experience.

Would your (great) mother or father have planned this for you when they rocked you on your knees …? 

Samhain is to be the feast in which we remember our ancestors lovingly and in grace and, if necessary, forgive them. 

Even dark spirits walk the paths these days… 

That's why we light lights, that's why we bless ourselves and our loved ones and our animals, our plants and EVERYTHING that belongs to us every day !!! (car, apartment, the way to work, to shopping …)

Perform a self-initiation. 

CAN'T ? Or is it too tedious for you? 

Inform yourself how you can do it. 

We are happy to discuss it. It only takes a few elements, of your free will and a joyful spirit that vibrates with appropriate words.

For today it is enough: sit down briefly, put on a candle and soft music, maybe fruits and 1 gingerbread to eat and …. to smile… while looking at pictures with your ancestors .

Loving and grateful. No matter what they did, they have accompanied you and they still do it up to 30 years after their death.


Today I consecrate myself in the best sense of my own creativeness. 

I thank all my ancestors who have lovingly accompanied me. 

I forgive all the people, beings and energies that have led me into oblivion. May they also forgive me through all times, levels and possibilities. 

I CONSECRATE myself to love. 

I walk joyfully and swing in the golden nourishing stream of life. 

Everything is well laid out in my world. 

I create and live in my happy loving timeline. 

Everything I need for forgiveness and understanding always comes to me at the right moment. 

I thank all my heavenly and earthly companions and supporters for their love and palpable presence. 

I take care of myself, my body and my mind lovingly and trusting in my soul. 

I am a sorceress of love, I am an alchemist of harmonious progress. I'm all I want to be. And this power to do so pulsates in me.

As I read these words, I breathe deeply in and out and shape my life positively and in the awareness of all the powers that a free person possesses. 

I am free in myself.

I am free to heal my past. 

I am free to reshape all relationships. 

I am free in my being. 

Today is the best day of my magical happy transformation into a brave playful knowing woman or an energetic gentle knowing man. 

I thank all those who have accompanied me on my journey and continue to accompany me.

I bless you. 

Love is in me and around me.

And divine peace. 

And so it is.


Your Solvig


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