Dear friends, how are you?

How nice that many people are reacting more and more positively. 💞

Other people seem to have somehow fallen asleep …? 

Many families seem to fully agree with the coercive measures imposed by foreign people, namely politicians?!

For weeks I have been wondering why the elderly are cut off, separated from their past, their family, their roots, and why are the natural contact between real people subject to bans and fines?

Again, I have asked this several times, but somehow no one seems to think either or miss his parents or how am I supposed to interpret this?? 

Since the beginning of this so-called corona crisis, which from a vanished perspective seems to be like a highly built-up construct of lies by some elitist circles in the enforcement of their political claws, families are separated from each other, fathers and mothers are artificially and by regulation torn from their children and entire peoples are put under coercive measures that contradict all common sense!! 

It is precisely Easter, the most important festival of the Christian West, that we should not be allowed to celebrate together with our family and friends? 

Shouldn’t we share our joy at spring and the awakening time, as all generations before us have done because of a flu?

Where are the real facts and figures?

If I had a parent in the home, no one could stop me from visiting her!! After all, I only live because I was born through my parents into THIS LIFE. 

Which politician has specifically helped you to give birth to your children and raise them? 

Which person in the government is specifically involved in the fact that WE can celebrate Easter? 

Which government official has specifically chosen you to protect your interests? 

Our seniors are mothers and fathers and not a risk group!! For
years they have been marginalized, locked them in homes, pinned needles into their old veins, left them in the shit and now they are deprived of the ESSENTIAL way, which is why our mothers and fathers still live at all: 

our thanks, our smile, our voice on her old ear and our healing touch!! 

What is reasonable about this, instead of ice-cold and apparently calculated manslaughter? 

What is LOVE about this? 

Where is the solidarity here? 

Do we want to live so cold and blinded ?

Wake up! 

Shows heart! 

Act in love! 

Or stop calling you people. 

Women are again treated more as subordinates. 

I celebrate Easter with all possibilities and our beloved customs. 💞

I will not allow any politician to deny me access to love and co-existing son! 

Love is in me and around me. 

You want to know why all this is happening …? 

Maybe it is fate, maybe time..? 

It is your chance for inner incarnation.

Make your choices based on love and human reason. 

Before you do this : Turn off the computer and put the phone away. 

You don’t need these toys to be loving. 

And now go and spread joy and an Easter atmosphere. 

You decide whether you are making a phone call, going to the garden or painting Easter eggs with your family. 

Everyone is a beloved child of the universe. 

There are no born faults or risk groups. 

There are people who are willing to feel love the way they breathe. 

Sing, listen to nature, free yourself from grey winter dust. 

Who voluntarily extends THIS winter rigidity? Alone – in 4 concrete walls??

I wish us all a sunny, loving Easter! 

Your Solvig – Founder of InCulture


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