THE THOUGHT LEADER: Back to the Future

I have actually succeeded in awakening my Lionsclub out of the shock rigidity, in which I once put forward the thesis that nowadays not only money is an expression of charity, but above all that you invest time to do something meaningful for others. And suddenly half the club is active again. Even our president next season took part in the conference call from the hospital bed where he was tied up because of this current epidemic. It is always exciting to see how even sick people get motivated and get healthy faster when they feel and realize that they are urgently needed. 

I have actually succeeded in moving our traditional flea market, which cannot now take place in May, to the Internet. There is such a portal called, where used books, CDs, DVDs and daddel games can sell, but also used branded clothing. I always do this from time to time. This time the money will go to our Lions support club and in fact, within an hour I had books together for almost 40 Euros, which I can sell through this portal and that will benefit a good cause. If the club members all join in, then we have more than compensated for the loss of revenue from our flea market. A good opportunity to take advantage of the Easter days.

Which brings me to the subject. Solvig, the founder of In-Culture, asked me to write something beautiful in this blog on Easter. Now it is, I love books, and that is why there will always be works in my library that I will never sell in my lifetime. One of them is by Alexander Volkov and is called “The Seven Underground Kings”. This is a fairytale book, part of a fairytale book series about the emerald city. It is about a little girl named Elli being carried to a distant wonderland during a hurricane in Kansas. I was seven or eight years old, having just learned to read, when I met Elli, dog Totoschka, the Scarecrow, the Iron Lumberjack and the Brave Lion, and set out with them to pass their adventures and, among other things, defeat the evil, tax-inducing witch named Gingema. And yes, for the first time at this age I was immortalinized with the beautiful fairy Stella, who knew the secret of eternal youth. 

I think on one of the Easter days I will read this book again. For nothing is more beautiful than to think of past days and how easy it is to rebuild the world after a hurricane and make it even more beautiful. 

Alexander Volkov learned the English language around 1930 and was the first to translate and inspire “The Wizard of Oz”. But then he told the story on his own. 

So let us use Easter to be inspired and to tell the story of this world. 


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