Sam Hain

Dear friends Today is Samhain.Others say Halloween.  We have this "game" every year.  Children run as defective blood-soaked zombies, adults play vampires.  We know that all this is not conducive to the emotional power ! What does this time really mean?Autumn bids farewell to the last warm rays and flowers and leaves in winter. They have done their job.The wind whistles into the foliage and it is ripe at the branches and fog on the meadows.  We are tired faster and are retreating.  Being less on the road in November is no longer difficult given the wet cold. Wearing a mask because you are too lazy or anxious or forgetful to… Read More »Sam Hain



Dear friends, how are you? How nice that many people are reacting more and more positively. 💞 Other people seem to have somehow fallen asleep …?  Many families seem to fully agree with the coercive measures imposed by foreign people, namely politicians?! For weeks I have been wondering why the elderly are cut off, separated from their past, their family, their roots, and why are the natural contact between real people subject to bans and fines? Again, I have asked this several times, but somehow no one seems to think either or miss his parents or how am I supposed to interpret this??  Since the beginning of this so-called corona crisis,… Read More »EASTER MESSAGE OF THE FOUNDER


THE THOUGHT LEADER: Back to the Future

I have actually succeeded in awakening my Lionsclub out of the shock rigidity, in which I once put forward the thesis that nowadays not only money is an expression of charity, but above all that you invest time to do something meaningful for others. And suddenly half the club is active again. Even our president next season took part in the conference call from the hospital bed where he was tied up because of this current epidemic. It is always exciting to see how even sick people get motivated and get healthy faster when they feel and realize that they are urgently needed.  I have actually succeeded in moving our… Read More »THE THOUGHT LEADER: Back to the Future


THE THOUGHT LEADER: The pandemic of our democracy

It’s all so wonderfully quiet in my rural neighborhood. I went for a walk. The sky was blue, only two airplanes in an hour to see. They were probably transport machines: one with protective masks, the other with toilet paper.  News of the day in the ARD – tele text: The pandemic has its advantages. During the period of domestic quarantine, air quality in Paris improved between 20 and 30 percent. Greetings to Greta.  The following message in the tele text: Vitamin C has no effect. This is what a spokeswoman for the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices claims. These are the chief sellers of the German pill-turners.… Read More »THE THOUGHT LEADER: The pandemic of our democracy


Bees also need sleep

The life of a gathering bee is probably the most exhausting of all from the bee state. A single bee visits about 100 flowers per group flight. With ten group flights per day, this is already 1,000 flowers, but there can also be significantly more. So the day of a bee is very busy and after such a working day a bee just has to relax. However, bees only need one third of a person's sleep. Like humans, bees react unconcentrated to sleep deprivation. This has a particular impact on their communication with others. The young bees go through several phases of sleep. You need the most sleep. And for… Read More »Bees also need sleep


Our 1st Project – Loan from "Jo Black"

With the loan of the grand piano “Jo Black” by Jochen Lewitz, the Evangelical parish of Altenhagen is pleased about this rich treasure. We would like to thank Pastor Georg Hildebrandt for his contribution, who received this valuable instrument for the Evangelical Parish of Altenhagen. The instrument supports cultural diversity and promotes the preservation of traditional songs in the rural region.