Our initiative for sustainable cultural and landscape promotion in Europe, founded in 2019, aims to enrich, improve and reorient the being of us human beings on this planet through sustainable projects in culture and landscape. 

It was founded by Solvig von Guenther and Jochen Lewitz.

InCulture is aimed at all people and circles who prefer a sustainable design for work dynamic processes and a respectful life on our planet: 




Our focus is on the 2 major topics:

Cultural care

Landscape promotion

Solvig von Guenther accompanies its 1999 sustainable strategies and supports their public impact with specially created media, such as the final song of Expo 2000 “You can Believe” or with the epochal sustainability work “The Globalization Saga”, which was developed by the well-known expert and consultant Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher was founded and Solvig commissioned him to be responsible for the overall musical production: “The Globalization Saga – Balance or Destruction”

With this initiative, we want to bring sustainable thinking, especially in the areas of culture and landscape, into the world and can ensure this professionally and actively by creating events, workshops and media.


Our Vision


Our vision is to preserve this planet with its habitats. We focus in particular on Europe as a continent, on the scientific findings of the pioneers of past centuries and on the creators of modern eco-social world design.

Where there is light, there is also shadow. Neither airlocks nor phrases limit our view of the consequences of globalisation.

Through extensive experience and special knowledge of our team members, we realize what was previously creatively conceived and planned in the think tank.

Our major objectives are to promote sustainability, culture and landscape in Europe.

Our Mission


Maintain posture and let the face be preserved. 

Would observe and bring to the attention of man and living being in conscious dealings.

Show respect for diversity and traditional cultural sensibility. 

Bringing thinking-feeling into balance. 

Accept spirit and religiosity. 

Foreign determination to help develop freedom.



Think of the following picture:

A person smiles at you. You feel warmth and seriousness at the same time in this simple friendly gesture. Now imagine the child smiling at you, don’t you?

Take a closer look now. It’s warm and there are different people on the trails. The child has no shoes on, the clothes do not look new and the child has no parents nearby. 

Our mission is to implement sustainable eco-social goals and ideas with all the creative minds of our team. That means looking, even if it’s hard. To help where self-help is not (yet) possible. Conceptually concrete support and to implement it in the spirit of the humanist action of Europe jointly and with international sponsors on the ground.

You know: Dignity is inherent in every human being and it is particularly touching when a poor child smiles at us, that it is not barefoot running over a summer meadow because it is warm, but because he lacks shoes. Let us respectfully preserve life in all its shimmering facets.

Who we serve

We see the big ones in the small.

The growth possibilities of a leaf up to the treecan.

We first serve life and believe in the inner creativeness of every human being. Individuality is not a promise of advertising, but the basis of every human effort in understanding the world.

We work together with all entrepreneurial people who are looking for ideas on sustainability as well as institutional institutions that need expert knowledge conceptually.


We work with and for: 

♥ Creative & Artists

♥ Architects & Designers

♥ Entrepreneur & Marketer

♥ Institutions & Foundations